Friday, November 12, 2010

At least she was....

I've decided to just admit to myself that the only thing I am consistent about is being inconsistent.

I struggle constantly with my so-called 'web presence'. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging (though I'm still not completely sure about twitter ;D) it's just that I feel like I should have something useful to say if I'm going to blog - but then I get caught up with doing something useful to blog about that I forget to blog! Let me just say now that I appreciate all of you reading this - anyone who's willing to stick around for my erratic posting and randomness is tops in my book!

Last month was a hard one, and we're still getting used to being a dogless household, but time heals all wounds and life does truly go on.

Getting back in the art saddle has actually involved a lot of non-art related work. The first and foremost being that I can happily announce the official opening of my ETSY shop!

ETSY provides an online venue for my work, as well as a more user-friendly way of purchasing. Watch for continued updates as eventually all of my existing work as well as options for ordering commissions will be listed!

Watch for more blog posts as I have a stockpile of things to say now!

~ Pam

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