Sunday, November 21, 2010

Desktopper WINNER #4 "Weed"

I am happy to announce the latest Desktopper contest winner!

I realize that the Desktopper schedule has been.... inconsistent (to put it mildly) since the summer, but rest assured - everyone who has entered has their name in a hat (actually a small wooden box) and my husband faithfully pulls one out monthly. I hope to get back on a consistent posting schedule with these at some point, in the meantime keep watching as the paintings will be posted when completed!

The fourth winner of my contest is 'Weed', belonging to Patty;

This is what Patty had to say about her beautiful kitty:

"Weed was a very little kitty when I found her on the side of the road 11 years ago. Weighing less than a pound and being so tiny I thought for sure she was a kitten, the vet said that she had just given birth as her mammaries were still swollen. Weed's size and condition told us that there was no way any babies could have survived, so for the rest of her life she has treated every animal she meets large and small as though they were her long lost babies and licks them til they are wet (or so annoyed they walk away). Weed has been a special addition to our family, showing us how unconditional love really works."

~ Pam

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PSA - Website unavailable

The good news - is moving to a new site, which will allow me to keep things there a bit more up-to-date, including the 'What's on the Easel' page.

The bad news - it's going to take a few days to make the switch, and in the meantime the site is inaccessible. So if you stop by and get GoDaddy's generic site please don't panic (I'm expecting a world-wide uprising with my site being down of course), it will be back in a few days.

In the meantime you can look at a sneak peek of the new site at:

And for those of you who want something to look at... here's a random recent page from my sketchbook (demonstrating that I do draw 'stuff' between the 'bigger stuff' that I feel is good for posting on the blog!)

Autumn fairie and fawn (c) Pam Boutilier
Pumpkins! (c) Pam Boutilier

~ Pam

Friday, November 12, 2010

At least she was....

I've decided to just admit to myself that the only thing I am consistent about is being inconsistent.

I struggle constantly with my so-called 'web presence'. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging (though I'm still not completely sure about twitter ;D) it's just that I feel like I should have something useful to say if I'm going to blog - but then I get caught up with doing something useful to blog about that I forget to blog! Let me just say now that I appreciate all of you reading this - anyone who's willing to stick around for my erratic posting and randomness is tops in my book!

Last month was a hard one, and we're still getting used to being a dogless household, but time heals all wounds and life does truly go on.

Getting back in the art saddle has actually involved a lot of non-art related work. The first and foremost being that I can happily announce the official opening of my ETSY shop!

ETSY provides an online venue for my work, as well as a more user-friendly way of purchasing. Watch for continued updates as eventually all of my existing work as well as options for ordering commissions will be listed!

Watch for more blog posts as I have a stockpile of things to say now!

~ Pam