Sunday, April 25, 2010

MWF seeking Muse

I've been feeling uninspired recently... not that I lack ideas, I'm just having difficulty executing them. Or perhaps I'm not working them out well enough in my head... when I start to get them on paper or board I realize it's the same old thing I always do. I'm not sure what I'm trying to achieve, nor am I completely sure I've not just been spending too much time in my left brain recently. But whatever the reason I need to step back a little bit.

Cats and dogs are my passion - which is why I do pet portraits I guess. I love to use my art to celebrate the bond we share with them, but they are also such beautiful creatures in their own right. However lately my in-progress portraits seem dull and uninspired to me. They say when you get stuck in an art rut it's a good idea to break out of your 'normal' - a new subject, new medium, anything that is unfamiliar territory. So that's what I'm doing a bit of right now. Last night I took some scraps of watercolour paper and my precut ACEO cards and just dabbled. Here's what came of it...

Reeds... I mixed three colours, a mossy green, burgundy, and brown and just played with them a little.

"Reeds 1" 4x6" ink on watercolor paper

"Reeds 2" 5x7" ink on watercolor paper

Back in the day I used to do a lot of fantasy - I still have some older work on my elfwood site ( If one does fantasy one must do dragons, and a very fun twist on them are minidragons (varying degrees of mini, but anything from the size of a butterfly to the size of a bird). A fun thing to do with ACEOs is making something life-sized on them - so this is a life-sized minidragon (the finger is to scale):

ACEO minidragon (ink on matboard, 2.5 x 3.5")

I don't know how long these utterly random posts will continue - but I hope you enjoy the tangent while I'm on it. Now where did that muse get to...?

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