Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm working on the contest prize today and will announce the winner and post it as soon as it is done!
In the meantime I wanted to mention that I'm attending the 4th annual Right-Brainers in Business Summit with Jennifer Lee.

I have been getting Jenn's newsletter (Artizen Coaching) for years, ever since 2008 when I rediscovered that I was an artist and started 'Cat-in-a-Box Studio'.  I got her eBook and went through her Right-Brain Business Plan.  I recently did the exercises again, and I've ordered (and anxiously await) a copy of her new book that just came out!

My little studio doesn't really feel as organized as an actual business - but all self-employed artists, freelancers and many other creative types really do need to think in terms of small business.  What Jenn really hit on that resonated with me (and still does) is that some of this stuff is hard, but you don't have to think about it all in the 'traditional' ways in order to be successful.  She talks about Right Brain Boosters and Left Brain Chill Pills and great things like that which make going through some of the tasks of organizing a small business much more tolerable (and tasks of just being an adult... like dealing with taxes).  I am learning (and have in the past learned) so much from Jenn and her 'tribe'.  I am by no means any kind of great entrepreneurial example, but the people that she's been highlighting in the series sure are!

It's free to sign up and I can say that there are useful and encouraging tidbits for just about everyone.  Some of the lectures have already passed, but if you get on board now you'll have access to all of the ones this coming week (or you can upgrade for a fee and get access to the entire conference).

~ Pam

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