Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happiest Holidays!

Have I truly not posted for a whole month?  I hope everyone has had a fabulous holiday season!

I have been putting most of my energy into my Facebook page lately, which has left le blog a bit neglected (I seem to only be able to juggle so many social media things at a time...  *sigh*).  On Facebook I had a little contest over Christmas.  If you'd like to see the tales of people's treasured friends that were shared with me, be sure to check out my Facebook page. The winner of the contest (by random draw) received a digital painting of her dearly departed friend Rex, showing here;
Which is not showing up properly here - I'll try to re-upload it later, but you get the gist of it

I have several works closing in on completion and one new one getting started right now, so I thought I'd give you sneak peaks of them....
A long overdue portrait that is in my 'new' style of whiteboard - I'm really excited about how this one is progressing!
A little demo piece that is 95% scratched but only about 10% coloured so far.
Another portrait, also in my 'new' style and the biggest colour piece I've done to date, very close to completion.
A brand new portrait getting started, this is a portion of one of several quick digital thumbnail sketches I did for the client.
Another little demo piece, can you guess which of my other works this one is related to?
This is probably the most difficult piece I'm working on right now (and the slowest to progress), but one that has very special meaning to me so I want to get it just right. 

Over the next month these are my top priority pieces.  As they are completed I'll post them here with some discussion and work-in-progress shots where available. 

I recently found out I'll be doing some traveling in the next few weeks, which means 1) I get to experience winter this year after all (with all the mixed emotions that brings... I've been adjusting very well to 27 degrees (celcius, which is high 80's F) weather in December thank you very much!) and 2) I will be able to take these WIPs with me and see how much I can get done without the distractions of a home studio (which seriously could go either way). 

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