Monday, November 25, 2013

The toads told me to do it...

My last post suggested what I haven't stated overtly - I've moved again, the studio is now located in a very different place than Ontario, Canada.  As the fall progresses in Canada, where I am there is very little to mark the passing of the seasons (except we do hear seasonal music around now and my favorite Christmas album - Boney M - for once in my life fits in with my cultural surroundings!).  

 Ginger, the last cat, surveys her new domain.
It's been a very busy few months taken up by relocating, unpacking, assembling furniture and trying to find all the various bits of my studio and supplies as well as a job interview.  I am without finishing spray and it's apparently really difficult to get aerosols delivered overseas - oh Krylon, how I need you now!  Well, by the time I figure out how to get some I should have a few pieces ready to spray.

And here is the new workspace....

Yeah, it's rough working out here!
I have a bunch of pieces in progress, but none ready to post today - so instead I'll share this trio of sages with you:

These guys live on the patio of my new location - they mostly stay in the dark cool spot under the old patio table base (okay, they exclusively stay there except in dark of night when they come out to hunt - I snapped this picture the day I discovered them when I tried to move the base, it's now safely back in place and they are happy with that).

Now the only thing I need still to do is impose some structure on myself.  I've recently found my interest in Myers Briggs typology rekindled.   Yeah, I'm one of those people who loves to dissect the human condition whenever I can (note that I'm a dissector, not a categorizer).  I'm pretty sure I'm INFP, though I've tested INFJ before and my cognitive function tests are never consistent with anything (other than Ne/Ni/Fe/Fi always jostling for the top four in frequency... I have zero doubt that I'm NF temperament).  At any rate... a four letter code isn't any excuse for being a great starter-of-things and a dismal finisher of them, but it does help me to recognize that enforcing a schedule without external stimulus doesn't come naturally to me and that it's okay to leverage other sources to help me create and impose some structure on my art time. Now I just have to figure out how to do it!

If any of you are artists, or similarly plagued with inherent schedule hyperflexibility, let me know in the comments what tricks or tips you have for creating structure in your workday without dampening your creativity!

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