Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Geek Strong!!

So as usual I have no idea what to post.  Despite declaring that I wouldn't hold myself to keeping this as an 'art' blog I proceeded to do just that and though I've had a few developments in my art they haven't been really exciting enough to post (and I will save you the cruelty of posting works-in-progress that may or may not ever get completed).

Then today while listening to one of my current favorite videos on YouTube I suddenly felt inspired to post. Even if I have little useful to say I can promote others who are doing wonderful things and who I admire! I may not be Oprah, but there's no reason I can't do my own version of 'favorite things'. Since this is a blog I'll post some explanation along with it.

Today I want to share a video - this is the latest music video productions by a group that primarily do a web show about a bunch of online gamers (Called 'The Guild'). My husband and I have watched and loved their show for years, and also other things directly and indirectly related (Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, anything Joss Whedon, etc). Probably not coincidentally we also love Big Bang Theory - even though it's a Hollywood-ized version of geekdom. This music video is more serious than their previous ones (okay, it's got a serious theme where the others were *ahem* not so much serious at all) but awesome and entertaining nonetheless. 

As I sat to write this it occurred to me that there is probably little on my website or the persona I present with respect to my art that reveals my geeky nature. Let me just state that my bona fides are all in order - D&D, comics, online games. Been there, done that. Still doing most of it actually. I am proud of my geekdom rather than embarrassed (even when I have to get my sister to tell me what shoes are fashionably acceptable to buy :D), and it's such a part of me that I honestly don't think to mention it.

I managed to get through life with almost no bullying - I flew so low under the radar that I suspect it wasn't worthwhile. Perhaps I also had the right friends (all geeks, but strength in numbers you know), or I knew how to play the social system. Whatever the reason, I am grateful that I was so lucky - but many are not - and as heartening as it is to see Geekdom entering mainstream, a video like this that specifically addresses the issue of bullying is even more heartening.

I think my favorite segment is from 2:59 - 3:10. Jed Whedon directed this video, and apparently he is as genius as his brother Joss. The humiliation, the smugness, the pan to 'Attitude is everything', and then that look of triumph on Amy Okuda's face. Not 'I have a trophy' triumph, rather the far more realistic and important 'I've been knocked down but I will survive and I am stronger than those who taunt me' triumph.

Oh, and 2:52 of course, just because Sandeep makes me laugh my ass off!

This is simply my interpretation on a fun video dealing with a very serious theme. I'd love to hear what you think, so if you have an opinion please leave a comment!

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