Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Schroedinger's Blogger

New look! New 'about me'! New name (sort of)!

Yes, I disappear for months and come back to claim that this is no longer an art blog - the nerve! This is not a permanent change, but rather a way to manipulate the current situation such that I can keep blogging, maybe provide some entertainment or insight for anyone who wishes to read my words, and possibly even grow a bit as a blogger (or a person.. who knows?).

My initial reason for starting a blog was to support Cat-in-a-Box because, well, every artist needs to have a blog right? It turned out to be a good thing though; it was easier and faster to get going than my website and a nice way to ease in to having an online presence. Then I realized how much fun it was to share art-related things that I often don't get to tell anybody about (except my poor, beleaguered husband :D). Showing my works-in-progress, or ranting about right/left brain theory, discussing shows or any old artsy things.

Alas, much has changed recently - there has been less time to devote to art and thus less to post about. The result is that the posts get fewer and further between, and then the pressure to put up something 'worth posting' rises. And then... no posts at all. Just a sad, lonely blog sitting here dreaming of bygone days.

But! Life is still really exciting, and even if I don't have much new artwork to show you just now I do have a bunch of other crap (er.. very interesting things!) to share. This demotivator about sums it up....

So for the indeterminate 'next little while' this is Cat-out-of-the-Box. The cat has been loosed and is going to go nosing into all kinds of things. Art may be among them, but for the time being this is an 'anything' blog rather than a dedicated art blog. I don't think many would disagree with me if I say that the best way to kill creativity is to force it... well that's the place I am right now. However, the reverse is that if you don't try to force it sometimes you get the very, very best of creativity. Let's see how it goes!

So if you're looking for only art-related stuff then watch for the blog banner to change back to the old logo. If you're up for something new then stay tuned!

~ Pam

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Kate said...

Hi Pam!
I do watch your blog and love all your non-art stuff as much as the art. Both are awesome so you go on with your bad out-of-the-box self. : )
Been a while, sorry I missed seeing you while you were out here in the mountains. Hope all is well with you and Jim and the furry friends, would love to catch up sometime. . .