Sunday, March 7, 2010

100 Dogs Challenge #12 - Dane sketch

It's been a hectic month with getting all the tax stuff ready for the accountant (we're not dumb... er, bold enough to do them ourselves!), the life drawing class, and some graphic design work I've been doing. I have a few things on scratchboard in the wings that I'll post when they are further along - but for now I'll leave you with a really quick sketch I did today of a Great Dane.

Spring is in the air, though there's still a lot of snow on the ground. In that spirit we decided to haul out the bicycles today and make the 15 mile ride to Carbondale and back. We stopped in town at a coffee shop for a rest and a little caffeine and this guy was outside with his owner. This is a pretty rough sketch - as he didn't like to stand in one spot for more than ten seconds at a time - but a good exercise for me.


~ Pam

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