Monday, January 4, 2010

100 Dogs Challenge - #6 (and #7)

This is a quick ink sketch/painting I did this evening. It's in my wee sketchbook which is not at all the appropriate paper for ink washes, but I felt like just doing something 'quick and dirty' (the scratchboard is not being my friend tonight).

Next time I get the urge I promise I'll go dig out my watercolour paper :)
(And I'll actually work on getting accurate colours instead of having fun with ink mixing)

'Roughly Buffy' 5x7"

And sick of the brush I kept doodling with a ballpoint pen and lo, sketch #7 happened:

'Gromit' 5x7"

Remember one of the stipulations of the 100 dog challenge is that I post 'em all - even the rough ones!!

~ Pam


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam, I like your blog! One question you didn't have on your poll: more cats!

Good luck on the 100 dogs! Wonderful drawings. Oh, I saw you on WetCanvas.

Cat-in-a-Box said...

Peggy - thanks for reading. More cats? Be careful what you ask for :D

In fact I was working on a cat sketch - preliminary for a scratchboard - the other day, once he's done I'll have to post him!

~ Pam