Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scout - a tribute

Some of my favorite pieces are memorials of dear friends we have lost. Scout passed away unexpectedly last fall - below is Scout's portrait on scratchboard and a wonderful write-up from her owner.

~ Pam ~

Sometimes you don’t love a pet for what the pet can do for you. Scout came to us at age 8 from a very devoted family who was moving to England. They wouldn’t consider selling their house and four cars, or finding a place in London, until they had settled their Scout in an ‘acceptable’ new family. The family left us a long list of instructions for her proper care—none of which seemed to apply to the doggie we came to love for her own goofy self. I loved the notch a Westie took out of her ear when she was just a new puppy, and I loved that she got me to go walking when it would have been easier to be a couch potato. I laughed at how devoted she was to me when I was dealing with food. None of us loved the stentorian snores or eye-watering flatulence. We appreciated that dropped food never made it to the floor, but we could have done without the smiling drooling face that watched us eat every bite on our plates. Above all, we loved that sweet, sober—sometimes smiling—face and the dear beast who relied on us to love her just for being who she was. I hope we really were ‘acceptable’.

~ Scout's 'mom'


José said...


Besides their company and friendship, good memories are one of the best things that pets offer to us.

Best regards,


kaslkaos said...

Beautiful portrait, great tribute. I have my own geriatric dog at my side, and in his old age I'm already missing aspects of his youthful self.

Cat-in-a-Box said...

Thanks for the comments.

Jose you are so right!

Kaslekaos I hope you have many more years with your friend (we have two old dogs now and the short walks and huge volume of meds they need each day are just two of the adjustments we've noticed in the past few years!)

~ Pam