Saturday, December 27, 2008

Study "5:01"

It's been harder to keep up on the Blogging through the holidays - mainly because I've been doing mostly housecleaning and not so much art ;D (If you really want to hear about the housecleaning just let me know).

The art work that I have done has been mostly technical and preparatory work - playing with still-life setups, priming newspaper (don't worry, that will come in a not-to-distant future blog post!), and things like that. Again - not so interesting to blog about.

But I'll post this little study for you - it's a practice piece for a larger still-life that I hope to complete this month (as it would be perfect to submit for an upcoming show). I didn't get any in-progress shots (the digital camera is recovering from all of my reference photo shooting yesterday!) but I'll be sure to take them when I do the big piece.

Textiles are so fascinating - cut glass, liquid, leather, metal - I am enjoying learning how to manipulate my pastel pencils further to get somewhat realistic renderings of these type of surfaces. Still life set-ups are tremendous fun as well - playing with objects and light, reflections and refractions.

The final painting will tell a bit of a story - I think this study will give you a sense of where the title came from. Enjoy!!

9x9" Pitt pastel pencil on Canson paper


Shupe said...

Enjoy the time off- everyone deserves a break!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I know what you mean. I am in the prep stage of a piece and until I have finished building it I can't even start painting on it. Plus as Shupe says, we all need a break. Oh, no! don't want to hear about housecleaning, arg! ick!

The study is marvelous.

Robin said...

Wow, that's your study??? (BTW, maybe some of your set up could help you through the housework??). Looking forward to seeing your "real" piece.

kaslkaos said...

Wow--and you call that a study??? Now I'm curious about the rest of the story...

Carol Ann Bernard said...

You're wonderful just the way you are. There are few who have to struggle with the survival thing. Working to pay the bills and juggling the little quality energy you have left is difficult.
Your art is beauty. Your art is a form of refuge from the drudergy of boredom of just surviving. It's thriving, exceding mere existence.
You go girl!!!

Carol ann Bernard said...

Correction: There are few who don't have to struggle to surive.
Most of us do. If only,eh!