Sunday, November 29, 2009

100 Dogs Challenge - #2 and #3

The 100 dogs challenge continues!

These two sketches are prep work for a current scratchboard commission I am working on. I was lucky enough to meet little Cali in person this summer - the first sketch is from a photograph of her when she was younger, the second is from one I snagged.

'Cali' (5 x 7" and 7 x 9" graphite on paper)
(c) Pam Boutilier, 2009

She is adorable from any angle, but the first sketch is the one that speaks most to her mom's heart so that is the one we are using for the scratchboard.

I knew when I started the project that it would take awhile to get 100 sketches done, especially with the hectic nature of the holidays as well as the upcoming shows and art events I hope to enter, and that is exactly why I did not put a time limit as part of the goal.

Having set it out that way I find that even though it may be a few weeks before I get to the next sketch, I'm already looking forward to it! I have a pile of reference photographs that I am eager to work on and, like Jazz, maybe some of them will speak to me more loudly and get developed further. Artistically this project is shaping up to be a very valuable tool.

I'll keep you posted as more sketches emerge!

~ Pam

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Original Cat-in-a-Box

A little reminder of the namesake for my studio today!

I am in the process of shuffling around studio space (moving to a whole new room, yay!) which has caused a lot of chaos and not a lot of blog posting (I promise more art coming very soon!).

I grabbed a fresh file folder box to replace the beat up one I was using for recycling and before I even got it into the room Dufus had decided to try it on. Any of you out there with cats know about this behaviour :D

~ Pam